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In 2018, the Commission adopted the Recommendation by ICCAT on Port State measures to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing [Rec. 18-09]

In addition to lists of authorised ports, contact points and notification periods (see ICCAT Record of Authorised Port), this Recommendation requires the submission of copies of inspection reports to the ICCAT Secretariat.

Capacity building

The Port Inspection Expert group for Capacity and Assistance adopted a two tier assessment process. CPCs wishing to request assistance for the implementation of Port State Measures are requested to complete the  Pre-assessment form Once reviewed by the Expert Group, the full Self-assessment form should be completed.

ICCAT Port State Measures Inspector Training Manual


Inspection Results

If the information collected during the inspection provides evidence that a foreign fishing vessel has committed an infringement of the ICCAT conservation and management measures, the inspector shall: … b) transmit the inspection report to the port CPC competent authority, which shall promptly forward a copy to the ICCAT Secretariat and to the flag State point of contact [ click here for a list of contact points], and, as appropriate, the relevant coastal State;...

In accordance with paragraph 35 of Rec. 18-09, in the event of an apparent infringement which falls within the legal jurisdiction of the port CPC, the port CPC may take action in accordance with its domestic laws. The port CPC shall promptly notify the action taken to the flag State, the relevant coastal State, as applicable, and the ICCAT Secretariat, which shall promptly publish this information in the secure part of the ICCAT website.

Rec. 18-09 also requires the publication of a list of point of contact for the purpose of receiving inspection reports pursuant to paragraph 35(b). For a list of contact points for reporting apparent infringements, please click here.

Please click here to view a list of infringements and actions taken by Port States.

Infringements that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the port CPC, and infringements referred to in paragraph 35 for which the port CPC has not taken action, shall be referred to the flag State and, as appropriate, the relevant coastal State. Upon receiving the copy of the inspection report and evidence, the flag CPC shall promptly investigate the infringement and notify the ICCAT Secretariat of the status of the investigation and of any enforcement action that may have been taken within 6 months of such receipt. If the flag CPC cannot notify the ICCAT Secretariat this status report within 6 months of such receipt, the flag CPC should notify the ICCAT Secretariat within the 6 month time period the reasons for the delay and when the status report will be submitted. The ICCAT Secretariat shall promptly publish this information in the secure part of the ICCAT website. CPCs shall include in their Annual Report [Ref. 12-13] information regarding the status of such investigations.

When submitting actions taken for publication on the ICCAT web site, or inspection reports, CPCs are requested to send where possible, a summary of the information in the following format, completing the relevant sections:

  1. CPC carrying out inspection.
  2. Inspection report number.
  3. Date of inspection.
  4. Flag of Vessel.
  5. Infringement detected.
  6. Information sent to Flag State (yes/no).
  7. Within jurisdiction of Port State (yes/no).
  8. Action taken by Port State.
  9. Action taken by Flag State.