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Last update: 22/May/2018

In accordance with the Recommendation amending the Recommendation by ICCAT to establish a multiannual recovery plan for bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean [Rec. 14-04], a joint fishing operation means “any operation between two or more purse seine catching vessels flying the flag of different flag States CPCs where the catch of one purse seine catching vessel is attributed to one or more other purse seine catching vessels in accordance with an the allocation key”.

No JFOs between different CPCs shall be permitted. However, a CPC with less than 5 authorized purse seiners may authorize joint fishing operations with any other CPC. Each CPC conducting a JFO shall be responsible and accountable for the catches made under this JFO.”

At the moment of the application for the authorization each CPC shall take the necessary measures to obtain from its catching purse seine vessel(s) participating in the joint fishing operation the following information:

  • duration,
  • identity of the operators involved,
  • individual vessels' quotas,
  • the allocation key between the vessels for the catches involved, and
  • the information on the fattening or farming farms of destination.

Each CPC shall transmit all this information to the ICCAT Secretariat at least ten days before the start of the operation.

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