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Many agencies create their own posters in order to make sports fishers and the fishing industry aware of the tagging program, in an effort to increase tag recoveries and reporting. In recent years, ICCAT scientists have created standardized posters that have homogeneous information so that they can be used in all programs.

Generic Posters
There are Generic Posters available in the three official languages of ICCAT, which are also being translated into other languages (see below). These contain information for the three main types of tags and are intended for use anywhere.


Customized Posters
There is also a possibility to create Customized Posters in English, French or Spanish. These posters can be tailored to include the logo and contact information about a particular agency, and to be specific about a particular type of tag or fish species. Some examples are shown here.

Internal Archival

To request Generic Posters, or high resolution images of the posters above, or to enquire about Customized Posters, please contact the ICCAT Secretariat.