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In accordance with Rec. 19-10, paragraph 7, flag CPCs and non-CPCs with vessels carrying observers deployed under an ICCAT ROP shall develop and implement an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to be followed in the event an observer dies, is missing or presumed fallen overboard, suffers from a serious illness or injury that threatens his or her health, safety, or welfare, or has been assaulted, intimidated, threatened or harassed. These EAPs shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary for posting on the ICCAT web site as soon as possible after the entry into force of this recommendation. New or amended EAPs shall be provided to the Executive Secretary for posting when they become available.

The EAPs submitted by CPCs: 
Albania  Algérie   Egypt   European Union  Japan  Liberia  Libya  Maroc  Norway  Panama  Senegal  Syria  Tunisie  Turkey

The EAPs submitted by non-CPCs: 
Bahamas  Singapore