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The Recommendation by ICCAT Amending the Recommendation 13-07 by ICCAT to Establish a Multi-Annual Recovery Plan for Bluefin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean [Rec. 14-04] stipulates, in the framework of the multi-annual management plan for bluefin tuna, that each CPC agrees to apply the ICCAT Scheme of Joint International Inspection (Annex 7 of Rec. 14-04).

The Recommendation by ICCAT replacing the Recommendation [13-04] and establishing a multi-annual recovery plan for Mediterranean swordfish [Rec. 16-05] also stipulates that in the framework of the Multi-annual Recovery plan for the Mediterranean swordfish, each CPC agrees to apply the ICCAT Scheme of Joint International Inspection (Annex 1 of Rec. 16-05).

Inspections shall be carried out by inspectors designated by the Contracting Governments. The names of the authorized government agencies and individual inspectors designated for that purpose by their respective governments shall be notified to the ICCAT Commission.

Ships carrying out international boarding and inspection duties shall fly a special flag or pennant approved by the ICCAT Commission. The names of the ships so used shall be notified to the ICCAT Secretariat in advance of the commencement of inspection activities. For the list of the designated inspection vessels please click here.

Inspectors shall draw up a report of the inspection in a form approved by the ICCAT Commission. Inspection forms are available in numbered carbon-copy format, together with translations into the most frequent languages used in the east Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery and in the Mediterranean swordfish fishery. These translations are attached to the inspection form for guidance. The Contracting Parties participating in the plan should inform the Secretariat of the number of forms required and the official language (English/French/Spanish) in which the form is to be completed.

Copies of this inspection report shall be given to the master of the vessel and to the government of the inspection party. This government shall transmit copies to the appropriate authorities of the flag State of the inspected vessel and to the ICCAT Commission.