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The ICCAT electronic system (eBCD) was developed, on behalf of ICCAT, by a consortium led by TRAGSA. This system is operative and can be accessed by authorised CPCs’ users at: (It is recommended that you use FIREFOX or Windows Explorer browsers to open this application. Difficulties may be encountered with Google Chrome).

If as an eBCD user, you cannot access the system, please consult the information “eBCD session blocking information_ENG” by clicking here .

In accordance with the Recommendation by ICCAT replacing Recommendation 17-09 on the Application of the eBCD System [Rec. 18-12], and the Recommendation by ICCAT amending Recommendation 20-08 on the application of the eBCD System [21-18] the use of the eBCD system is mandatory.
The following incidences arising from technical difficulties with the system which preclude a CPC from using the eBCD system have been reported to the Secretariat in accordance with the established procedures. Current procedures are laid down in Annex 3 of Rec. 21-18.


Incident number CPC concerned Date of notification to ICCAT Secretariat of the technical difficulty Incident/ description of technical difficulty Temporary use of paper BCD
    dd/mm/yyyy   From
1 Morocco 4/28/2016 Digital system certificates not transmitted to the validators to date by the ICCAT Secretariat. 01/05/2016 On 07/06/2016, Morocco informed the Secretariat that the difficulty was resolved due to their having received the digital certificates on 29 April and 13 May 2016.
4 USA 4/28/2016 Some core functionalities, in particular for re-exports, are still under development by consortium; testing and training underway for some and pending for others. 01/05/2016 30/06/2016
5 European Union 5/3/2016 Following the availability of the latest functionalities in the production environment during the last week of April, testing of the system is now underway. In addition, training is required for fishing operators, trading companies and government officials. 01/05/2016 30/06/2016
6 Egypt 6/5/2016 Access Failure after few second from login 05/06/2016 13/06/2016
7 Japan 6/16/2016 Re-exporters are not allowed to request validation for BFTRC without selecting “Importer/Buyer”. This functionality is still under development. 17/06/2016 30/06/2016
8 EU 7/1/2016 Access denied due to an ICCAT DNS server problem 01/07/2016 01/07/2016 at 11h14
9 China PR 7/19/2016 The BFT was caught during 2015 by a Chinese longliner, but not exported until 2016. The system does not allow the previous year (2015) to be selected for date of catch 01/05/2016 30/06/2016
11 Canada 9/23/2016 Paper copies of ICCAT # CA16000407 [tag #4393] and ICCAT # CA16000408 [tag #4395] have been converted into eBCDs due to a timing issue. The incident website reporting feature did not allow this posting to occur because of a technical issue. 23/09/2016 25/09/2016.
12 Canada 10/2/2016 Paper copies of ICCAT # CA16000456 [tag# 4541] and CA16002581 [tag# 526] were converted into eBCDs on October 3, 2016 due to a timing issue. Canada was not able to self-register the incident due to a technical problem on the ICCAT website. 02/10/2016 05/10/2016
26 European Union 5/29/2017 Flag EU-Spain could not access the eBCD system due to maintenance works of the server provider. 27/05/2017 28/05/2017
28 European Union 5/27/2017 Impossibilité de saisir la commercialisation 27/05/2017 28/05/2017
36 European Union 8/21/2018 La observadora BFT-ROP no puede firmar el sacrificio del eBCD ES18900924-CG02-HA037 por fallo del sistema. Mensaje de error: “An error occured while saving information”. Este fallo técnico tiene incidencia sobre el eBCD ES 18900924-CG02-HA035-TD08-TD02 en el que está implicado EU-Italia. 21/08/2018 22/08/2018
65 China PR 4/15/2022 The eBCD was applied at the end of 2020, but the System could not accept the applications because of such technical issues. At that time, CHINA had contacted the eBCD System Consortium which did help to identify the origin of the problem and provided the necessary guidance. Due to the “COVID-19”-pandemic, the trade contracts for those BFT caught in 2020 have just been signed in 2022, the reason for which CHINA decided to issue paper BCDs instead of eBCDs. 04/18/2022
66 Canada 11/13/2023 Due to a timing issue, the User has a fish to ship and is having an issue with the system recording the eBCD that will not be resolved before the fish reaches its destination. The user will proceed with shipping using a copy of the paper ICCAT form. # CA23001715 [tag # 0001715] 13/11/2023 15/11/2023

For a list of CPC’s contact points for questions related to eBCDs and e-BFTRCs please click here