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Res. 19-17 established a pilot program for the voluntary exchange of inspection personnel to participate in boarding and inspection activities as inspectors or as observing members of the inspection party (hereinafter referred to as “observers” for purposes of this Resolution), conducted by Contracting Parties in fisheries managed by ICCAT pursuant to their existing authorities. Such exchanges are intended to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise needed to strengthen at-sea inspection capabilities and capacities, enhance cooperation and collaboration among Contracting Parties on this important area of fisheries monitoring, control, and surveillance, and inform future discussions on this issue within ICCAT.

Contracting Parties interested in participating in the pilot program have shared contact information below. Contracting Parties wishing to place inspectors or observers on another Contracting Party’s inspection vessel should contact the point of contact (POC) of the Contracting Party that has provided POC information to indicate its interest.


Contracting Parties interested in potentially participating in this pilot program should relay their POC information to
For a current list of Point of Contacts click here