ICCAT Data Code System

ICCAT's databases contain a series of standard alphabetical or numeric codes (for country, gear type, region, time of the year, etc.). The coding system is necessary to ensure the integrity of the databases and to follow international standards as well as those of the Sub-Committee on Statistics.

Flags&Fleets Hierarchical coding system by flag/fleet. The relationship to ICCAT codes used in the past is also shown.
Species 3-letter codes for species of Atlantic tunas, tuna-like fishes and some pelagic sharks.
Gear Gear codes and gear groups
Areas Coding system for areas or regions used for Task I data
Freq. Types Codes used for different measurements of length/weight used for Task II (size) data
Effort Types Codes used for different measurements of fishing effort used for Task II (catch/effort) data
Square Types Codes used to categorize spatial strata used to report Task II data
Sampling Areas Sampling Areas codes for Task-II data
Time Periods Sampling period codes for Task II data
Other Miscellaneous codes

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