The ICCAT Secretariat has 30 staff: 13 in the Professional or Higher category (P), 17 in the General Services Category (GS) and in local contracts (equivalent to GS scale).

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is responsible for the selection and administration of the staff of the Commission and oversees the implementation of the main functions for the Commission, such as:

(a) coordination of research programs;
(b) preparation of budget estimates for review by the Commission;
(c) authorization of the disbursement of funds in accordance with the budget;
(d) accounting for the funds of the Commission;
(e) arrangement of cooperation with sister organizations;
(f) compilation of necessary fishery statistics;
(g) preparation of scientific, administrative and other reports

Mr.Driss Meski

Executive Secretary since IV-2004.


Assistant Executive Secretary

The Assistant Executive Secretary carries out tasks in support of the Executive Secretary in the coordination of research programs, including the compilation of fishery statistics, the preparation of reports and coordination with sister organizations. Likewise, she is responsible for the Department of Translations and Publications and collaborates with the Executive Secretary in representing the ICCAT Secretariat at meetings of a technical and/or administrative nature and in other tasks that the Executive Secretary considers pertinent.


Dr. Pilar Pallarés
Assistant Executive Secretary, joined in XI-2005.


Activities on Research and Statistics

Because of its mandate to manage and conserve tuna fishery resources, ICCAT members carry out a wide spectrum of scientific research and monitoring activities. The Secretariat is directly involved in coordinating some of these activities, although much of the practical work is carried out by the Contracting Parties. The Secretariat maintains a large number of databases containing information on fishery statistics useful for stock assessment, as well as compliance-related records. The activities on research and statistics, under the direct supervision of the Assistant Executive Secretary, are conducted by the Department of Research and Statistic. This Department is staffed by eight people: A Department Coordinator, a Population Dynamics Expert, a Fishery Data Analyst, a Biostatistician, a database Programmer, a Technical Assistant, a VMS Program Manager and an Information Technology specialist..

Dr. Paul De Bruyn is the Coordinator of the Department of Research and Statistics as well as the By-Catch Coordinator.

Dr. Laurence Kell oversees activities related to coordination with SCRS on stock assessments and other scientific matters.

Dr. Mauricio Ortiz oversees activities related to the analysis of tuna and tuna like species data included in the ICCAT databases.

Mr. Carlos Palma oversees activities related to the creation and maintenance of databases.

Main Tasks: Data requests; Standards for data submission; Database development; Database user interfaces; Data quality control; Data extraction and publication; Web site management; Tagging inventory; Preparation of reports; SCRS coordination; IT management.


Dr.Paul De Bruyn
Coordinator Dpt Research and Statistics and By-Catch Coordinator,
joined ICCAT in V-2012.

Dr.Laurie Kell
Population dynamics expert, joined ICCAT in V-2009.

Dr.Mauricio Ortiz
Fishery Data Analyst, joined ICCAT in VII-2010.

Mr.Carlos Palma
Biostatistician, joined ICCAT IX-2000.

Mr. Alberto Parrilla
VMS Program Manager, joined ICCAT V-2008.
Mr. Juan Luis Gallego
Technical Assistant and data entry; joined ICCAT IV-1984.
Mr. Juan Carlos Muñoz
Programmer/Database Manager, joined ICCAT VI-2003.
Mr. Jesús Fiz
IT Specialist, joined ICCAT VI-2003.


Department of Compliance

Over the last few years, the Commission has increasingly adopted a number of Recommendations and Resolutions that require CPCs to report various types of information such as vessel lists, compliance reports, etc. The amount of this information that needs to be assimilated by the Secretariat and transmitted to the Commission is such that a Department of Compliance has become necessary to accommodate this need. The Department is staffed by four people: A Department Head, two Compliance Officers who will be primarily responsible for the Department and a data entry assistant. The Executive Secretary will give overall supervision to the Department.

Main Tasks: Drafting Compliance Tables; compliance summaries; maintaining vessel Records; implementation of Regional Observer Programmes; inventory of vessel chartering; bluefin tuna farming reports; data and validation from ICCAT Statistical Document and BFT Catch Documentation Programs; Compendia of management regulations; Requests for Cooperating Status; Requests for observer status; Annual Reports; Compliance Queries.

Ms. Jenny Cheatle
Department Head. Joined ICCAT VII-1994.


Ms. Carmen Ochoa
Compliance Officer. Joined ICCAT X-2007.
Compliance Officer. Joined III-2011.
Ms. Aldana Vieito
Data entry, joined ICCAT


Department of Translation and Publications

The Commission's work involves numerous tasks related to the compilation, adoption, translation and publication of meeting reports and scientific articles. The Department of Translation and Publications is responsible for these tasks as well as the webpage design. The Department is staffed by six people: Two English, two Spanish and two French Translators. The Department is coordinated by the Assisstant Executive Secretary.

Main Tasks: Translation; Formats; Rapporteuring; Report Adoption; Compilation of Reports; ASFA entries; FIRMS entries; Coordination of Peer Reviews of scientific papers; Electronic Posting; Communications; Webpage design.


Ms. Rebecca Campoy
English Translator, joined in III-2004.
Ms. Karen Donovan
English Translator, joined in II-2014.
Ms. Christine Peyre
French Translator, joined VI-2000.
Ms. Dorothée Pinet
French Translator, joined III-2010.
Ms. Marisa de Andrés
Spanish Translator, joined I-2001.
Ms. Mª José García Orad
Spanish Translator, joined I-2002 .


Department of Administration and Finance

The Commission has grown considerably with regards to tasks and the personnel hired by ICCAT to carry out its mandate. Within the Secretariat, administrative and financial tasks have been consolidated in the Department of Administration and Finance . The Department is comprised of eight people, a Department Head, two accounting assistants, a purchasing assistant, an administrative secretary, an administrative assistant to the Executive Secretary , two support staff members in charge of copying and mailing.

Main Tasks: Budget preparation and control; Accounting; Financial Report; Administrative Report; ICCAT Meetings; Special funds; Human Resources within the Secretariat; Purchasing and leasing; Travel requests; Reception; Archives; Contact information management; Library and publications inventory; Photocopying and scanning; Mailing.

Audits of the Commission's accounts and expenditures are carried out by an external firm.

Mr. Juan Antonio Moreno
Department Head, joined in I-1975.


Ms. Felicidad García
Administrative Secretary, joined in I-1986.
Mr. Cristobal García-Piña
Photocopying and library, joined in V-1983.
Ms. África Martín
Accounting Assistant, joined in XI-2002.
Ms. Ana Martínez
Accounting assistant, joined V-2005.
Mr. Juan Ángel Moreno
Mail and photocopying, joined in I-1982.
Ms. Esther Peña
Purchasing Assistant, joined in II-2003.
Ms. Gisela Porto
Administrative assistant to the Executive Secretary, joined in XII-2009.


ICCAT-Japan Data & Management Improvement Project (JDMIP)

Following the Special Data Improvement Project started in 2004, a new five-year Special Project for the Improvement of Data and Management started in December 2009 with a contribution from the government of Japan. The primary objective of this new phase project is to help ICCAT members perform their capacity of data collection, reporting and effective implementation of ICCAT measures.

The project finances a Coordinator.

Ms. Mari Mishima
Coordinator, joined X-2012.


ICCAT Atlantic wide research programme for Bluefin Tuna (GBYP)

In 2009, the Commission approved an extra-budgetary contribution for a complex, Atlantic-wide Research Program for Bluefin Tuna (GBYP). The overall goal of the Program is to improve the scientific basis to formulate management decisions for bluefin tuna in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Program includes a list of actions to be carried out over various years, such as recovering basic data collection, improving understanding of key biological and ecological processes or improving assessment models and the provision of scientific advice.

The Program, which planned for a five-year period, started in January 2010. The Funds for the first year have been provided to the Secretariat to start the Program and such funding is expected to be renewed annually for up to five years. A Coordinator, hired under the Program funds, is in charge of implementing the Program's activities. A Steering Committee comprised of the SCRS Chair, the two rapporteurs of the Bluefin Tuna Species Group, an external expert and the ICCAT Executive Secretary will oversee the Program.

Dr. Antonio Di Natale
Coordinator, joined III-2010.


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