In 2007, ICCAT reached an agreement with the scientific journal Aquatic Living Resources (ALF) whereby a regular section has been established, in the printed and electronic versions of the journal, on tunas and tuna-like species and other species of interest in the scope of ICCAT. The intent of this agreement is to expand the impact of the scientific documents that are presented to the SCRS within the scientific community.

The first joint issue was published in 2008 and included documents presented to the SCRS in 2007.

The procedure established for the inclusion of documents in ALR consists of a pre-selection process by an Editorial Committee, created within the SCRS, and/or the Rapporteurs of the Species Groups. Likewise, the authors can propose the inclusion of documents in this pre-selection process. Later, the pre-selected documents are sent to ALR where they are submitted to the journal’s peer review process.

Full access to the documents published in the journal is restricted to subscribers, during the first two years. After that time, access to the electronic edition is open.

Following herewith is a list of the SCRS documents that have been published within the framework of this agreement:

Year of publication

ALR Reference





Vol. 21 No. 4 (October-December 2008)

Variability of the growth parameters of the skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) among areas in the eastern Atlantic: analysis from tagging data within a meta-analysis approach     

Daniel Gaertner, Alicia Delgado de Molina, Javier Ariz, Renaud Pianet and Jean Pierre Hallier


Distribution and population structure of the pelagic stingray, Pteroplatytrygon violacea (Dasyatidae), in the south-western Atlantic     

Rodrigo Forselledo, Maite Pons, Philip Miller and Andrés Domingo

Looking for skin and gill parasites as biological tags for Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)

Enrique Rodríguez-Marín, Santiago Barreiro, Francisco E. Montero and Enrique Carbonell

Use of shark fin trade data to estimate historic total shark removals in the Atlantic Ocean     

Shelley Clarke


Vol. 23 No. 1 (January-March 2010)

Estimates of historic changes in total mortality and selectivity for Eastern Atlantic skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) from length composition data     

Daniel Gaertner


Age estimation of billfishes (Kajikia spp.) using fin spine cross-sections: the need for an international code of practice 

R. Keller Kopf, Katherine Drew and Robert L. Humphreys Jr.

Ecological risk assessment of pelagic sharks caught in Atlantic pelagic longline fisheries

Enric Cortés, Freddy Arocha, Lawrence Beerkircher, Felipe Carvalho, Andrés Domingo, Michelle Heupel, Hannes Holtzhausen, Miguel N. Santos, Marta Ribera and Colin Simpfendorfer
Annual indices of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) larvae in the Gulf of Mexico developed using delta-lognormal and multivariate models G. Walter Ingram Jr., William J. Richards, John T. Lamkin and Barbara Muhling
Assessing the impact of the pelagic longline fishery on albatrosses and petrels in the southwest Atlantic Sebastián Jiménez, Martín Abreu, Maite Pons, Mauricio Ortiz and Andrés Domingo
Standardization of CPUE of loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) caught by pelagic longliners in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean Maite Pons, Andrés Domingo, Gilberto Sales, Fernando Niemeyer Fiedler, Philip Miller, Bruno Giffoni and Mauricio Ortiz
2011 Vol. 23 No. 4 (October-December 2010) Updated estimate of the growth curve of Western Atlantic bluefin tuna      Victor R. Restrepo, Guillermo A. Diaz, John F. Walter, John D. Neilson, Steven E. Campana, David Secor and Rebecca L. Wingate Link
Quantifying tag reporting rates for Atlantic tuna fleets using coincidental tag returns Thomas R. Carruthers and Murdoch K. McAllister
Bycatch of the European purse seine tuna fishery in the Atlantic Ocean for the 2003–2007 period      Monin Justin Amandè, Javier Ariz, Emmanuel Chassot, Alicia Delgado de Molina, Daniel Gaertner, Hilario Murua, Renaud Pianet, Jon Ruiz and Pierre Chavance
Seabird bycatch in Spanish Mediterranean large pelagic longline fisheries, 2000-2008      Salvador García Barcelona, José M. Ortiz de Urbina, José M. de la Serna, Enrique Alot and David Macías
Catch rates and size composition of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) caught by the Brazilian pelagic longline fleet in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean   (Regular Articles)   Felipe C. Carvalho, Debra J. Murie, Fábio H.V. Hazin, Humberto G. Hazin, Bruno Leite-Mourato, Paulo Travassos and George H. Burgess
Vol. 24 No. 1 (January 2011) Productivity and susceptibility analysis for species caught in Atlantic tuna fisheries Arrizabalaga, Haritz, de Bruyn, Paul, Diaz, Guillermo A., Murua, Hilario, Chavance, Pierre, de Molina, Alicia Delgado, Gaertner, Daniel, Ariz, Javier, Ruiz, Jon and Kell, Laurence T. Link
Vol. 24 No. 4 (October 2011) Effects of time-area closure on tropical tuna purse-seine fleet dynamics through some fishery indicators Edgar Torres-Irineo, Daniel Gaertner, Alicia Delgado de Molina and Javier Ariz Link
Age and growth of the smooth hammerhead shark, Sphyrna zygaena, in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic Ocean, using vertebral sections Rui Coelho, Joana Fernandez-Carvalho, Sérgio Amorim and Miguel N. Santos
Age and growth of the bigeye thresher shark, Alopias superciliosus, from the pelagic longline fisheries in the tropical northeastern Atlantic Ocean, determined by vertebral band counts Joana Fernandez-Carvalho, Rui Coelho, Karim Erzini and Miguel Neves Santos
20112 Vol. 25 No. 4 (October 2012) Risk assessment and relative impact of Uruguayan pelagic longliners on seabirds Sebastián Jiménez, Andrés Domingo, Martin Abreu and Alejandro Brazeiro Link
Analysis of the daily catch and effort data of the bluefin (Thunnus thynnus) Algarve trap fishery during the years 1898–1900 Alain Fonteneau and João Gil Pereira
An overview of the hooking mortality of elasmobranchs caught in a swordfish pelagic longline fishery in the Atlantic Ocean Rui Coelho, Joana Fernandez-Carvalho, Pedro G. Lino and Miguel N. Santos
Marine mammal bycatch in Spanish Mediterranean large pelagic longline fisheries, with a focus on Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus) David Macías López, Salvador García Barcelona, José Carlos Báez, José Miguel De la Serna and José María Ortiz de Urbina
Modeling terminal-year fishing mortality rates in western Atlantic bluefin tuna virtual population analyses John F. Walterand Clay E. Porch