Access to ICCAT statistical databases

The ICCAT Secretariat maintains over 2 gigabytes of information in various databases. Most of these can be accessed through the links below. We are currently working on making available the remaining datasets via Internet.

The dissemination of ICCAT data is according to the Rules and Procedures for the protection, access to, and dissemination of data compiled by ICCAT, adopted by the Commission in 2010. While most databases currently used in the stock assessments and other SCRS work are of public domain and are published in this web page, the aforementioned rules also include procedures for using data classified as confidential. Such confidential data are voluntarily provided by CPCs for specific use by the SCRS.  

Nominal Catch Information
  Nominal annual catch by species, region, gear, flag, and where possible, separated between EEZ and High Seas. In general, responsibility for reporting catch and landings data rests on flag states.
    Task I web Web-based application to view nominal catches of Atlantic tunas and tuna-like fish (including sharks), by gear, region and flag in web application [version 12/2017])
    Task I Excel MS Excel pivot table to obtain nominal catches of Atlantic tunas and tuna-like fish (including sharks), by gear, region and flag [MS Excel; version 12/2017, 7 Mb(zip)]
    *Task I Fishstat
Time series of nominal catches for Atlantic tunas and tuna-like fish (excluding sharks) for use with FAO´s FISHSTAT. (Requires download and instalation of FISHSTAT)
[Version Mar 2010, 216 Kb]

(* Last update published on the web. Future updates available upon request to "")
Sample fishing statistics and fish sizes
  Catch and fishing effort statistics for each species by small area (1x1 degree squares for most gears, 5x5 degree squares for longlines), gear, flag, and month. Task II data also include actual size frequencies of samples measured for each species by small area, gear, flag and month.
In some cases, detailed size samples are also extrapolated to match total catches in order to be used in stock assessments. This includes the CATDIS and catch-at-size datasets.
    Task II catch/effort Task II Catch & Effort in Access Data Base [MS Access; version 11/2017, 18 Mb(zip)]
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    Task II catch/effort Web Web-based application to view Task II Catch & Effort records Version 11/2017
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    Task II catch/effort by operation mode [Fad/Free school] (only tropicals) Purse seine Catch & Effort statistics of tropical fishery by operation mode (Fad / Free school) between 1991 and 2016 [Excel; version 11/2017, 15 Mb]
    Task II size Task II Size in Access Data Base [MS Access; version Nov 2013, 32 Mb(rar)]
    CATDIS(all)(7z file 4 Mb)

CATDIS(by species)(7z file 4 Mb)

Task II catch data raised to total landings (5x5 degree squares, quarter, gear) [Updated 7/2016; CSV format]

    Effdis LL (zip file 1.3 Mb)
Effdis PS (csv file 4.7 Mb)
Spatio-Temporal estimates of overall Atlantic Fishing Effort for Longline and Purse seine fleets. Methodology described in document SCRS/2015/206
    Catch-at-size Examples of catch at size data used in assessments (Albacore, Bigeye, Bluefin, Skipjack, Swordfish and Yellowfin) . All files are in "*.csv" format.
File headers are:
SpeciesCode, StockID, YearC, FlagName, FleetCode, GearGrpCode, GearCode, TimeCatch, SquareTypeCode, QuadID, Lat, Lon,
SchoolType {0:NA/none; 1:FAD; 2:Free School} (only BET, SKJ, YFT)
[Lclasses, 1cm lower limit, in Number]
YFT {30, 21, 22,  ... 180} (29- and  181+ are accumulated class groups)
BET {30, 21, 22,  ... 190} (29- and  191+ are accumulated class groups)
SKJ {20, 21, 22,  ...   90} (19- and  91+ are accumulated class groups)
  The Secretariat maintains an extensive database of conventional tagging data for Atlantic Tunas and tuna-like species. This database is currently undergoing a revision.
    Conventional tag data
ALB Albacore BET Bigeye tuna BFT Atlantic Bluefin tuna
BSH Blue shark BUM Atlantic blue marlin POR Porbeagle
SAI Atlantic sailfish SKJ Skipjack tuna SMA Shortfin mako
SWO Swordfish WHM Atlantic white marlin YFT Yellowfin tuna
    Electronic tag Inventory Inventory of archival tag releases [03/2018]
Other information
  In addition to Task I and Task II data, the SCRS also makes use of other types of information for its analyses of the stocks, depending on need, relevance, and availability.
    Observer data Observer data currently available only for US longline, 1992-2000.
    Statistical Bulletin The Bulletin, updated annually, summarizes available information in a user-friendly format that includes multiple tables and graphs

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