Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS)

  The SCRS, on which each member of the Commission may be represented, is responsible for developing and recommending to the Commission all policy and procedures for the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of fishery statistics. It is the SCRS' task to ensure that the Commission has available at all times the most complete and current statistics concerning fishing activities in the Convention area as well as biological information on the stocks that are fished. The SCRS also coordinates various national research activities, develops plans for special international cooperative research programs, carries out stock assessments, and advises the Commission on the need for specific conservation and management measures.
    Chair: Dr. David Die (United States of America)
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Sub-Committee on Statistics
    Oversees the process of data aquisition and analysis that is carried out by the Secretariat and the various stock assessment groups.
      Convener: Dr. Guillermo Díaz (United States of America)
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Sub-Committee on Ecosystems
    The Sub-Committee deals with a wide range of issues, including an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries and of oceanographic factors affecting tuna biology and fisheries
By-catch assessment and mitigation measures: Dr. Andres Domingo (Uruguay)
Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM): Dr. Alex Hanke (Canada)
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    The following are links to files that the Sub-Committee is considering in its discussions for 2014:
Species groups
    The species groups review available fishery and research information for the species of interest to the Commission. They carry out stock assessments and present their results and draft recommendations to the SCRS.
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Tropical Tunas Coordinator : Dr. Shannon Cass-Calay (USA)
Bigeye tuna Rapporteur : Dr. Hilario Murua (European Union) (view report in English)
Yellowfin tuna Rapporteur : Dr. Shannon Cass-Calay (USA) (view report in English)
Skipjack Rapporteur: Dr. Monin Justin Amande (Côte d'Ivoire) (view report in English)
Albacore Coordinator : Dr. Haritz Arrizabalaga (European Union) (view report in English)
Atlantic Albacore Rapporteur: Dr. Haritz Arrizabalaga (European Union)
Mediterranean Albacore Rapporteur: Mr. José Mª Ortiz de Urbina (European Union)
Bluefin tuna Coordinator : Dr. Clay E. Porch (United States of America) (view report in English)
East Atlantic Rapporteur: Dr. Ana Gordoa (European Union)
West Atlantic Rapporteur: Dr. Gary Melvin (Canada)
Billfishes Rapporteur : Dr. Fambaye Ngom Sow (Senegal)
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Swordfish Coordinator : Dr. Rui Coelho (European Union)
North Atlantic Swordfish Rapporteur : Dr. Rui Coelho (European Union) (view report in English)
South Atlantic Swordfish Rapporteur : Dr. Humber Andrade (Brazil) (view report in English)
Mediterranean Swordfish Rapporteur : Dr. George Tserpes (European Union)
(view report in English)
Sharks Rapporteur : Dr. Enric Cortés(USA) (view report in English)
Small tunas Rapporteur : Dr. Flavia Lucena (Brazil) (view report in English)
Southern bluefin tuna : CCSBT (
Other Working Groups
Stock Assessment Methods Working Group
Implements Quality Management procedures for stock assessment methodologies, leading to the review, testing and documentation of assessment methods used by the SCRS.
Chair : Dr. Michael Schirripa (USA)
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Ad hoc WG on coordination of tagging information
The objective of this group is to channel and make use of the experience of the scientists so that it is available for new tagging activities.
East Atlantic Coordinator : Dr. Enrique Rodriguez-Marin (European Union)
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Special Research Programs
Enhanced Billfish Research Program
A program funded by the Commission to obtain more complete detailed catch and effort statistics for billfishes, to carry out an expanded tagging program, and to carry out studies on age and growth.
General Coordinator : Dr. John Hoolihan (United States of America)
East Atlantic Coordinator : Dr. Fambaye Ngom Sow (Senegal)
West Atlantic Coordinator : Dr. John Hoolihan (United States of America)
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Atlantic Wide Research Programme for Bluefin tuna (GBYP)
The program started in 2010 and funded by ICCAT CPCs, has multiple objectives ranging to improve understanding of key biological and ecological processes, basic data collection (including information from farms, observers, and VMS), assessment models and provision of scientific advice on stock status through improved modelling of key biological processes (including growth and stock-recruitment), further developing stock assessment models including mixing between various areas, and developing and use of biologically realistic operating models for more rigorous management option testing.
General Coordinator : Dr. Antonio Di Natale (European Union)
Steering Committee: SCRS Chair, two rapporteurs of the Bluefin Tuna Species Group, an external expert (Dr. T. Polacheck) and the ICCAT Executive Secretary
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Small Tunas Year Program (SMTYP)
The two years program started in 2013 and funded by ICCAT CPCs, has as objective to recover small tunas historical data (statistical and biological data) from the main ICCAT fishing areas.
General Coordinator : Dr. Flavia Lucena (Brazil)
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