IUU Vessel information: 20130013
Lloyds/IMO number: Not available Vessel Name: Samudera Pasifik No. 18 Current Flag: Indonesia
Owner Name: Bali Ocean Anugrah Linger Owner Address: JL. Ikan Tuna Raya Barat Iv, Pel. Benoa-Denpasar Owner place of registration: Indonesia
Operator Name: NO INFO Operator Address: NO INFO Radio Call Sign: YGGY
Date first included on list: 25/nov/2013 Gear: Longline Area: North Atlantic
Summary or activities: ICCAT Contravention of ICCAT Rec. 12-06 Photograph of Vessel: No photograph available
Reference number: COC-303/2013 Annex 4 Reference Date: 25/nov/2013 Reporting CPC: Uruguay
Previous Information:
Previous Vessel Name: Kawil No. 03; Lady VI-T-III Previous Flag: No info
Previous Owner Name: NO INFO Previous Owner Address: NO INFO Previous Owner place of registration: NO INFO
Previous Operator Name: NO INFO Previous Operator Address: NO INFO Previous Radio Call Sign: NO INFO