IUU Vessel information: 20060002
Lloyds/IMO number: Not available Vessel Name: MARIA Current Flag: UNKNOWN
Owner Name: NO INFO Owner Address: NO INFO Owner place of registration: NO INFO
Operator Name: NO INFO Operator Address: NO INFO Radio Call Sign: FN 003882
Date first included on list: 23/oct/2006 Gear: Area: No info
Summary or activities: SOUTH AFRICA - vessel had no VMS, suspected of having no tuna licence and of possible at-sea transhipments Photograph of Vessel: No photograph available
Reference number: 2431 Reference Date: 23/oct/2006 Reporting CPC: South Africa
Previous Information:
Previous Vessel Name: NO INFO Previous Flag: No info
Previous Owner Name: NO INFO Previous Owner Address: NO INFO Previous Owner place of registration: NO INFO
Previous Operator Name: NO INFO Previous Operator Address: NO INFO Previous Radio Call Sign: NO INFO