Steering Committee

The GBYP Steering Committee has been appointed for the first year following the composition indicated by the SCRS in 2009 (ICCAT Report 2008-2009 (II), 2: 224). It is comprised by the SCRS Chair, the ICCAT Executive Secretary or his/her Assistant, the bluefin tuna rapporteurs and an outside expert with substantial experience in similar research undertakings for other tuna RFMOs.

The GBYP Steering Committee has the role to guide and refine the Programme. It is regularly informed and consulted by the Coordinator for all relevant issues and for the Calls for Tenders to be issued. The Steering Committee meets not less than once a year, to verify the activities done, refine the Programme and propose follow-up of the Programme and the budget to the SCRS.

The first Steering Committee entered into force on March 13, 2010 and its members were the following: Gerald Scott (SCRS Chair), Clay Porch (SCRS Rapporteur Western Bluefin), Jean-Marc Fromentin (SCRS Rapporteur Eastern Bluefin), Tom Polacheck (external expert scientist) and Driss Meski (ICCAT Executive Secretary). 

The new SCRS Chair, Josu Santiago, became member of the GBYP Steering Committee in 2011, replacing the previous SCRS Chair.

The SC meetings are not restricted to the SC members: experts could be also invited to participate.

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