Data and Publication policy

The ICCAT Atlantic Wide Research Programme for Bluefin Tuna (GBYP) is an international research programme, initially co-funded by the European Union (80%), several ICCAT CPCs, the ICCAT Secretariat and other entities (see

The publication policy concerning the results obtained by the various researches carried out within this programme must follow the rules included in the contract between the ICCAT and the funders and those rules are mandatory for all the participants to the GBYP. The acceptance of a contract provided by the GBYP will automatically imply the acceptance of the “Publication policy and Editorial rules” here detailed.

  1. Ownership of the results of the Programme (GBYP), including industrial and intellectual property rights, and of the reports and other documents relating to it shall be vested by ICCAT.
  2. The result of each action carried out within the Programme (GBYP) and all the scientific results obtained by these actions shall be presented to the ICCAT-SCRS at the first opportunity.
  3. The scientific results of actions carried out within the Programme (GBYP), after the presentation to the ICCAT/SCRS, can be published, entirely or partly, on the ICCAT Collective Volume of Scientific Papers as well as in other scientific journals. The Authors who wish to publish these results in other scientific journals shall previously require a permit to ICCAT. ICCAT, following the spirit of this scientific programme, encourages the Authors engaged in research action within the Programme (GBYP) to disseminate their results, particularly in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.
  4. Each report or article concerning the results obtained within the actions of the Programme (GBYP) must include the following sentence:
    “This work was carried out under the provision of the ICCAT Atlantic Wide Research Programme for Bluefin Tuna (GBYP), funded by the European Union, by several ICCAT CPCs, the ICCAT Secretariat and by other entities (see: The contents of this paper do not necessarily reflect the point of view of ICCAT or of the other funders, which have not responsibility about them, neither do them necessarily reflect the views of the funders and in no ways anticipate the Commission’s future policy in this area.”
  5. All the data collected under the Programme (GBYP) shall be used only for scientific purposes and according to the ICCAT rules. Any other use of these data should be specifically authorised by ICCAT.

© All GBYP reports are property of ICCAT. Any part of the text, figures, graphs or tables can not be reproduced without the prior ICCAT authorization.


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