The main objective of the GBYP is to improve our knowledge and understanding of the Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) stocks and populations.
In particular, the specific objectives are the following:

a) Improve basic data collection through data mining developing methods to elaborate these data and to estimate sizes of fish caged, development of fisheries-independent information surveys and implementing a large scale scientific tagging programme.

b) Improve understanding of key biological and ecological processes through electronic tagging experiments to determine habitat and migration routes, broad scale biological sampling of live fish and dead fish landed (e.g. gonads, liver, otoliths, spines, etc.), histological analyses to determine bluefin tuna reproductive state and potential, biological and genetics analyses to investigate mixing and population structure and ecological processes, including predator-prey relationships;

c) Improve assessment models and provision of scientific advice on stock status through improved modelling of key biological processes (including growth and stock-recruitment), further developing stock assessment models including mixing among areas, and developing and use of biologically realistic operating models for more rigorous management option testing.


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